The Safest Roommate Finder

Try to imagine an era in which people interacted with one In said primitive times, people supposedly communicated without the use of a mobile device. No emojis, no GIFs, no DMs: this was indeed a dark epoch of our very ancient past. Fortunately, we have evolved. Civilization has reached such lofty heights that I don’t even have to talk to a cashier to order a Big-Mac.

However (and in all seriousness) there’s a downside to this new era of digital interactivity: it introduces new risks:

1. Anonymity:

Chatting with someone online is an inherently anonymous experience, and most communication platforms lack a reliable mechanism to verify identity. Browsing through uploaded photos does not really confirm anything about the creator of that profile.

2. Harassment:

Unsolicited and unfiltered messages are a problem on even the most popular social media platforms. A stranger can send you pretty horrible things without your permission.

This is why Circle for Roommates is committed to delivering the safest roommate finding experience. Amidst the Wild Wild West of today’s online interactivity, Circle wants to be the roommate finder that protects against its corresponding risks. This is how we’re doing it:

1. Verification:

Circle encourages all of its users to verify their profiles. When doing this, a user confirms their identity via their driver’s license and has to pass a thorough background check. These verified users make it easier to find a roommate who you can trust.

2. Chat Protection:

Circle protects its users by preventing unsolicited messaging. Both people have to express interest (swipe right) in order to chat. This format makes sure that the only conversations you’re having on our roommate app are ones you want. Additionally, we actively remove any users who abuse the platform via spam or harassment.

In summary, Circle is a roommate finder that’s all about safety and trust. And we’re constantly innovating new features to make it an even safer experience for our users. We hope you trust us as the roommate finding app for you!

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