How to Not Become the Person You’d Hate Your Roommate to Be

Moving into an apartment for the first time with a roommate is bound to cause some anxiety. Think about the plethora of roommate horror stories you’ve read online— you know the person you’re going to live with pretty well now, but think about all of the things that could go wrong! With your mind running amuck, you’d never think that you could be the one giving your roommate nightmares someday.

First things first, you have to be open with yourself. Are you a complete and utter mess either literally and/or mentally? Are you stubborn? Do you binge watch episodes of Game of Thrones to ignore your problems until the very last minute? While these are habits you could force yourself and your family to deal with, your roommate will most likely be less tolerant. After you’ve looked into a mirror and faced the fact that you need to get a grip, let’s look at a few simple things that can make everyone’s life easier in your apartment.

1. Doing dishes

Surprisingly, a mysterious force doesn’t do them— it’s probably another person carrying your weight and getting tired of it. We should get this out of the way first. Dirty dishes are not fun. Sure, you can pile them into the sink until the smell is killing you and attracting all sorts of . . . friends . . . but wouldn’t it be nice to be an adult and clean them yourself? If you were somehow blessed with having a dishwasher in a city apartment, just throw ‘em in there. You’re no successful Midwestern housewife for getting the job done, but at least you’re not a slob. If you’re like the rest of us stuck washing dishes by hand, just get over yourself. Throw on some music, put soap on a sponge, and get to scrubbing. Stop lying to yourself and accept that you’ll feel better about who you are as a person once it’s done.

P.S. If you are really that against doing dishes, put some plastic wrap over whatever dish you’re using and eat off of that. You’ll be wasting cling film, but you’ll have one less thing to clean.

2. Blasting music

Speaking of throwing some music on.

We get it, your refined taste is blessing everyone’s ears, but maybe all the time is not always the time for blasting Beyoncé? Imagine if someone was blasting country music when you were trying to sleep. You wouldn’t be too happy either.

3. Inviting people over without asking

Sure, you’re not living with your parents and you’re an adult so you don’t have to ask permission for things, but maybe give a heads up that a bunch of strangers are going to be in the vicinity.


Ah yes, this one is important. Communication: something we all find ourselves lacking the basic skills of. Got a problem? Use your words! It’s really easy to passive aggressively text your roommate when you’re pissed that they left an empty container of milk in the fridge, or to ignore them when they refuse to apologize, but what if I told you there was a way around all of that frustration?

Plenty of people are afraid of confrontation, or simply they believe that the other person should understand what they did wrong without being told. Yes, that would be great, but the obliviousness of some never ceases to amaze people. Sit your roommate down and be straightforward about what’s bothering you before you explode. And if you’re that worried about telling them what’s on your mind, use the famous compliment sandwich technique.

5. Make sure none of your hair clogs the shower drain, for Pete’s sake

I’m not saying anything more about this one.

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