8 Bonding Activities That Will Make Living With a Stranger Not Suck

Everyone dreams of moving in with their best friend, but sometimes they live in a different city, can't get out of their lease, or get donated to Good Will by your mom because “you’re turning 17 and are too old to have a doll.” If you can't find a friend to live with, fear not. The following activities will take you and your roommate from strangers to best friends in no time!

  1. Binge Netflix People bond over time as they collect more shared experiences to call upon. Reminiscing about funny, sad, or shocking times provides topics of conversation and a feeling of closeness. You and your new roommate don’t have these shared experiences yet, so you can load yourself up with fake ones! Think of Netflix as your giant digital IV pumping artificial memories of laughter and pain into your shared bloodstream.

  1. Go to (bottomless) brunch together

Keep your pants on...bottomless refers to the drinks. “Breaking bread,” has been the activity of choice when making someone’s acquaintance for generations, whether it’s solidifying a business connection or a first date. Brunch provides a fun and casual environment for you and your roommate to get to know each other a bit better at first, and a lot better after 10 mimosas. Nothing says “we’re friends now” like holding each other’s hair back as your smoked salmon tries to make a “Finding Nemo” escape back to the ocean.

  1. Girls - Drink wine and talk about boys Why? Because you’re single and miserable, and misery loves company.

  2. Guys - Drink beer (or scotch) and talk about girls Why? Because guys love talking about girls.

  1. Tinder together #3 and #4 should lead quickly into this one. Girls - now that we’ve established that you’re sad and single, what could be better than window shopping together at an online meat market? Besides, these tinder decisions are very important, and very stressful, so you could use a second set of eyes. After you press your finger against that cold hard phone screen, your next one-inch movement could change your entire future. You could one day be on your yacht with the father of your three beautiful children thinking, “I was about to swipe left on this total dweeb, but Kimberly and I were pretty drunk and she told me to give him a chance.” Way to go, Kimberly. Guys - People bond over common interests. If you had to pick the activity from the following list that two guys are most likely to both enjoy, which would you pick? A) Playing World of Warcraft B) Playing basketball C) Swiping through pictures of girls that you find attractive and then finding out that those girls find you attractive too I rest my case. Also, I just told a bunch of girls to get on tinder. High five.

  1. Discuss how to decorate the apartment Have some fun starting off by discussing what you would do if money were no object. Then quickly realize how much money is an object and pick up your drink again. Next, brainstorm more realistic options, hit the store, and implement them. This will give your apartment a character that reflects your blended personalities, and will really start to make it feel like home.

  2. Come up with a name for the apartment Thinking of a name for your apartment is fun, and makes you feel like you’re the owners of an exclusive venue. Of course people want to hang out at the Eagle’s Nest, but they can’t unless you invite them. Sunglasses emoji. For women’s apartments I’ve seen names like “The Shoebox,” “The Chick-Inn,” and “Chateu Merlot.” For men’s I’ve seen “The Penthouse,” “The Liquor Cabinet,” and “All Bed No Breakfast”...that last one is too hard to say, and those boys should talk to their mothers about how to treat a lady. If a girl is nice enough to spend the night with you, could you at least let her snag a granola bar on the way out?

  1. Go to the gym together Of course you can drink and eat late night pizza with your roommate as a bonding activity, but motivating each other to become better versions of yourself will build an even stronger bond. Everyone knows that enduring hardship together builds relationships, and working out is a healthy way to do so. Additionally, you will associate the sense of pride that you feel after completing a difficult workout or achieving a fitness goal with each other. You’ll both know that the other helped you get there. Finally, the endorphins released from the workout will elevate your mood and ensure you enjoy your time together.

Circle for Roommates was built so that you could find a roommate within you social network, but even if you can't, these tips will have you a new best friend in a jiff.