How Circle for Roommates is Changing the Future of Roommate-Finding

Due to life events such as graduating from college, changing jobs, or rent hikes, it’s common for young adults to find themselves looking for a roommate several times throughout their 20s. All too often, people are forced to settle for their last resort -- living with a complete stranger. Circle for Roommates shows users a consolidated list of their friends and “friends of friends” who are looking for a roommate in their city. With the mission of bringing the "roommate search" into the digital age and a focus on how young adults consume information and interact with technology, Circle is the first social network for roommate-finding.

The Home page contains a pictorial “card” for each roommate-seeker in the user’s social network. This design was based on the belief that young people are most engaged by apps that present information primarily through pictures (e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder). If two users “swipe right” on each other’s card, it’s a “match,” and they can chat privately. This double opt-in format means that a potential roommate will not know you’re interested in living with them unless it’s mutual, shielding you from the fear of rejection within your social circle. Tapping a card will display that person’s “Personal Profile.” Candidates with apartments have a separate “Apartment Profile” that is easily accessible from the Personal Profile. Keeping apartment information on a secondary profile allows Circle to keep its focus unquestionably on finding a compatible person to live with, rather than taking the apartment-first approach of others in the industry.

Circle’s Newsfeed allows users to view updates from their matches in a real-time stream, post questions and updates of their own, and interact through “likes” and comments in the way that comes naturally. In an industry where great opportunities close in minutes, this real-time feed will give Circle users an edge.