One of my matches disappeared. What happened?


That person either unmatched you or deleted their account. Try logging out and logging back in just to be sure. Tap the icon on the top left-hand corner of the main screen, select 'Settings' or 'App Settings', scroll down and hit 'Logout', then log back in

How do I see who Circled me?

People who swipe right on you will generally be towards the top of your feed. Verified profiles will always be at the very top, however.

What does “I’m moving” mean?


You should select “I’m moving” if you’re not staying in your current place, and you don’t know which apartment you’ll be moving into. In other words, you’re listing yourself as a free agent who can move into an existing situation or find a new place with someone.

What does “Add apartment listing” mean?


You should select “Add apartment listing” if you’re staying at your current place and are looking for a new roommate(s) to move in with you. Selecting this gives you the ability to create an apartment profile. By adding pictures, location, and a description to your apartment profile, you can help other users decide if they’re interested in moving in.

I’m having trouble logging in!

This may be temporary, so you should try again at a later time. If the issue persists, try reinstalling the app. To reinstall, just delete the app from your phone and download Circle for Roommates again. As long as you don't delete your account, you won't lose your data (meaning your matches and messages will be safe).

How do I edit my profile?

Tapping the cogwheel icon at the top left of the home page and then “View Profile” will allow you to see your profile as other users do. From there, hit the edit button to make any changes you want.

I accidentally clicked “X” on someone: can I undo that?

Sorry that happened! Unfortunately there is no way to undo those decisions. But if you really think that person was “the one”, then you can delete your account, create a new account (in the same city) and then try to find them on your home page.

Can I message someone I haven’t matched with?

No, you can’t chat with someone until you both have “Circled” each other (clicked the “C” button). This is to ensure that there is a mutual interest before any communication so no relationships are harmed. 

How do I block/unmatch someone?

When looking at someone’s profile, you will see an ellipsis (three grey dots) at the top right. When you click on those dots, you will see the option to unmatch with that person.

How do I change/stop my push notifications?

First click on the settings icon (the cogwheel at the top left), and then click “App Settings”. On the “App Settings” page, you will see the ability to disable/customize your push notifications.

How can I report someone?

When looking at someone’s profile, you will see an ellipsis (three grey dots) at the top right. When you click on those dots, you will see the option to report that person.

Why don’t I see anymore cards/profiles on my home page?

You have probably run out of profiles in your city of choice. We are a new app, so spread the word and get your friends on Circle! You can also use the “invite friends” feature from our Settings Page. 

My app keeps crashing.

Sorry to hear that! Please make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the app. If you still have issues, send an email to support@circleapp.io

Why do some people have an “apartment” tab on their profile, and others don’t?

Some people on Circle already know where they will be living, and are looking for a roommate to join them. These people have an apartment tab so that you can check out their place. If someone doesn’t have an apartment profile, they don’t know where they’ll be living yet. They can move into your place or you can look for a place together.